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MedicalProtex™ Easy to Carry Anti-Bacterial Soap Wipes (kills 99.9% of germs)


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The #1 rule recommended by the CDC to protect yourself from the current pandemic is to wash your hands. But did you know that microbiologists have found that 1 out of every 4 public washrooms soap dispenser is so contaminated with germs and fecal matter that you’re better off just washing your hand in the toilet?

That’s why we’re proud to reveal our brand new portable disinfectant soap wipes. Our wipes effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses found on the skin leaving your hand sterile, and germ free. So, you don’t have to use public washroom soap. Simply, pull a soap wipe out of its package and rinse it under water to sterilize your hands. These soap wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that cause cold and flu, and are effective against (*)Staph, Salmonella, Strep, E. coli, and MRSA.

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MedicalProtex™ Disinfectant Soap Wipes.

Introducing our new, easy to carry, disinfectant soap wipes. These soluble disinfectant soap wipes effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses found on your skin. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand they are super convenient to carry. You are no longer forced into using the soap in public washrooms. Simply pull one of our soluble wipe out of its package and rinse under water to wash your hands. Leaving your hands feeling clean, fresh, and germ-free.

Product Details

  • Color: Blue
  • Details: Medical Grade sterile soluble disinfectant soap wipes.
  • Condition: New
  • Quantity: 20 pcs soluble disinfectant soap wipes per package.
  • Size: Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
  • Weight: 30g
  • Quality Control: MedicalProtex™
  • Country: Made in America.

Note: Product is NOT Made or Shipped From China. All MedicalProtex™ products are produced by pharmaceutical companies and shipped from within the United States.

Convenient To Use

Our MedicalProtex™ disinfectant soap wipes are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Designed to be easy to use and carry we wanted our customers to be able to carry their disinfectant soap wipes with them everywhere.

Safe & Gentle On The Skin

Made with no harsh chemicals, or bleach, our soap wipes are safe to use for all skin types. Will not leave your skin feeling dry or damaged.

Good For The Environment

Since our disinfectant soap wipes are soluble (meaning they dissolve in water) they are much more environmentally friendly then disinfectant hand wipes! Disinfectant hand wipes clog pipes, damage the environment and are a hassle for sanitary workers to clean up. Costing millions of dollars in damage per year from your local sanitation department.

Excellent Gift For Loved Ones

With its small and convenient to use packaging that can fit anywhere, our MedicalProtex™ disinfectant soap wipes are the perfect gift for family and friends. Perfect for kids due to its small size, and how easy it is to use. Now, you don’t have to worry about people near you spreading viruses & bacteria through contact.

Non-Exchangeable & Non-Refundable Items

Please be advised that due to hygiene and sanitary purposes, MedicalProtex™ Disinfectant soap wipes are explicitly non-exchangeable, non-returnable and non-refundable.

About MedicalProtex™

MedicalProtex™ is a leading online healthcare supply store specializing in providing the best high quality medical products available. Our vision is to provide a safe and clean environment to protect the well-being of our customers. Currently, we have warehouses in 2 different locations, United States and Hong Kong. We have strong relations and connections with major health care manufacturers in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Our Promise

We stand by our brand and products 100% and strive for complete satisfaction! If you have any questions or concerns get in contact with us via our Facebook, email, or contact us page. We prioritize our customers and their experiences with us fully.


759 Reviews

kimberly M.

Standard. Works as expected. Nothing to complaint about. Good quality

Todd k.

Can we first of all state that this is an absolute amazing deal on these wipes. I really haven’t found a better competitor they can price these wipes this decently. But anyway I have been looking for a chemical free wipe that doesn’t break the bank but is kid friendly for my 10-month-old because she is always crawling around touching things and dropping her toys. These wipes work like any other wipes they are very durable and they don’t rip or tear but they are the clean and safe way to go for Baby’s and toddlers!! And they smell great as well I am so glad that I ran across these because I had no idea that Dreft made wipes.

Jennifer C.

Exactly what every mama needs! Makes cleaning everything from high chairs and jumpers to changing pads and toys a breeze! Especially with flu season upon us these make cleaning baby’s things a breeze and give you piece of mind that germs are gone without the use of harmful chemicals. We had the dreft multipurpose cleaning spray which we liked but these wipes take the cake! And this pack of 4 is a great value!

Dorothy B..

Love these, I use them everywhere they are scented, but not as baby scented as I would like. Less chemicals and gentler on skin and household items.

Donna T.


Kathryn M..

Bought these when I had pneumonia so that I didn’t spread germs to the kids. Seem very well made. Very good quality.


They are disposable, so they are light weight with no fussiness. Perfect. Just what I wanted. And inexpensive as well. Seller was professional and everything arrived promptly. I won’t hesitate to use them again. Thank you.

Gary W.

These are absolutely awesome at cleaning your hands with a no fuss approach. Great idea!

Char L

Good product, exactly as advertised; exceptional value; rapid delivery at no extra charge.

Patrick R.

Bought these as i am going to work in a skin care clinic and need to wash my hands often. But I hate using the soap in public restrooms they seem so dirty. These were perfect.

Sam T.

So glad i managed to snag some of these for my trip to Africa let me tell you.. They were a LIFE SAVER.

James C.

Love these wipes! Use them on everything baby!


You can use these as a alternative to soap or even as a car freshener! Awesome!

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 62 × 56 × 12 cm


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MedicalProtex™ Easy to Carry Anti-Bacterial Soap Wipes (kills 99.9% of germs)
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